Fontello or how to master icon fonts in web development

1. Icon fonts were great

Using icon fonts in web development have many advantages instead of using CSS sprites:

  • Vectors scale with retina displays
  • Manipulation with CSS (size, color, shadow,…)

2. Icon fonts were bad

Mostly, one icon font does not have included all icons you will need for your application. So you will need a second or third one. You will also usually not use all icons included in one font. So the main problem is that your users will have to download icons in your font which will never be displayed and so too much traffic will be generated.

3. The solution: Fontello.com

With Fontello, you can create your own icon font. You can choose from lots of other icon fonts by just clicking on the icon you want to add. After choosing the icons, you can give your new font a name and download the whole stuff. Also add the config.json file in the package to your repository – you can upload it later and add or remove stuff from your font!




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