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Hi, I am Michi
Enjoying life with climbing, sports with boards, mountain biking, traveling, photography, videography and software engineering.

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Posted on 15. December 2022

How to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It was developed by Facebook and is often used as an alternative to REST APIs - but you can define the specific data you want to retrieve from the API. But how to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP?

Spoiler: You do not need an extension.
Posted on 20. November 2022

Local integration of airRohr in Home Assistant

Featured image Local integration of airRohr in Home Assistant
Since air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe, I have decided to join the Sensor.Community by adding an outdoor particular sensor.
The API for sending the data directly from the sensor works perfect but the community integration for Home Assistant does not, so I have added the sensor locally with the help of the Scrape Integration which absolutely makes more sense.
Posted on 10. September 2022

Do you test for sufficient randomness?

Featured image Do you test for sufficient randomness?
Some years ago, I have used an existing random string generator for generating random unique strings. From one day to another, there were a lot of timeouts in the application.
It turned out that the random string generator was not as random as I thought.
Do you run automated tests against a random string generator if it can provide for sufficient randomness?
Posted on 2. September 2022

Open current folder in PhpStorm from command line

Do you work a lot with the shell and PhpStorm on macOS? You can easily open the current folder in PhpStorm or in any other IntelliJ product with a shortcut direct out of the console by adding an alias!
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