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Hi, I am Michi
Enjoying life with climbing, sports with boards, mountain biking, traveling, photography, videography and software engineering.

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Posted on 1. February 2022

The best shell tools I use as a developer

As a software engineer, I am using the shell a lot. Besides the IDE, it is the most important tool. Since working in the shell can be complex sometimes, it is important to find the right tools which not only makes working in the shell a lot of fun but also boost your productivity.
Posted on 16. January 2022

The eruption of the Hunga Tonga volcano and its blast wave around the globe

On the 14 January in 2022, a large eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano began at 04:14 UTC. The eruption was so loud that it could be heard not only in Fiji which is 750 km away, but also at Alaska which is more than 9.300 km away.
At Germany, we didn't hear anything - but the blast wave which has traveled around the whole globe was measurable.
Posted on 13. December 2021

ESPHome on the Magic Home LED WiFi monochromatic controller

The Magic Home LED WiFi Monochromatic (1CH) Controller is a very cheap device for controlling a 1CH LED strip or wire which are often used for Christmas trees. Since it is using an esp8266 chipset, it can easily be flashed with an alternative firmware.
Posted on 7. November 2021

Hash the hash - Password hashing migration

The number of data leaks including hashed passwords have increased from year to year and with the rising number of web applications, they will continue this path.
In these dumps, lots of passwords of older accounts were hashed by the insecure SHA1 or even the absolutely unsafe MD5 algorithm.
Data security doesn't get the love it should get. Time to act.
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