Here you can find a compact overview of side projects I am working or have been working on.

You can also check out my GitHub profile.

Was wird es denn?

An online scrub card gender reveal.

"Boy or girl?" is one of the first questions future parents were asked. Since we were also expecting a baby and we were respecting social distancing in this pandemic, I have hacked together an online scrub card which I have shared with my family and friends so they can find out - in a playful way - if we were expecting a boy or girl.

The idea was very well received. Other friends have also asked me if I can make one for them, so I have coded a web application where everybody can generate their own link!



My Interval Training Timer

A simple interval training timer built with react I built for my hangboard workout.




Rebelone is a website for my hobby photography and videography content about sports, traveling and street art.




JimFlow is was a hybrid tool that combines advantages of both worlds: A physical board linking all tickets to its digital counterpart. Through the use of corresponding QR Codes, a camera monitors the physical board, automatically detecting any QR code movement. Then, using JimFlow software, a digital image of the board was generated, viewable in any web browser.


JimFlow is explained in a separate blog post. is was a collaborative question and answer platform. Users can post questions about movies and tv series and other users are able to answer this questions. was online from 2011 to 2019.


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