An overview of the bigger projects I am working or have been working on. You can also check out my GitHub profile.

Diginights has started in 2002 as a nightlife portal which was very popular in the southern part of germany where users could look for information about upcoming events, locations and party pictures.

In 2015, diginights has transformed more and more into a digital event solution platform for organizers, venues and promoters.

The main feature of diginights now is its powerful ticketing solution with a strong feature set with also offline solutions for entrance management for big venues.




Rebelone is a website for my hobby photography and videography content about sports, traveling and street art.



JimFlow - discontinued

JimFlow is was a hybrid tool that combines advantages of both worlds: A physical board linking all tickets to its digital counterpart. Through the use of corresponding QR Codes, a camera monitors the physical board, automatically detecting any QR code movement. Then, using JimFlow software, a digital image of the board was generated, viewable in any web browser.

jimflow-camera - discontinued is was a collaborative question and answer platform. Users can post questions about movies and tv series and other users are able to answer this questions.


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