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Posted on 14. November 2020

Why you should and how you could implement the dark mode

The dark mode, also called night mode, is a special color schema which uses light-colored text on dark backgrounds. The opposite of dark mode is the light mode which is or was the de facto default schema. The dark mode not only has effects on the human body but also on the power consumption of newer devices.
Posted on 21. January 2015

Anchor link with a fixed or sticky header

If you have an anchor link on a page with a fixed or sticky header, the element linked to will disappear behind the header. To fix this, you will have to add the property scroll-margin-top to the element.
Posted on 9. August 2014

Fontello or how to master icon fonts in web development

Icons are used everywhere nowdays on UI elements on the world wide web. But how can you integrate icons on your website without having to much trouble with their integration and speed?
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