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Posted on 26. December 2023

Full-Text Search with MySQL and Doctrine

MySQL has supported Full-Text Search (FTS) functionality for quite some time. The (FTS) capability was already introduced in MySQL version 3.23.23, which was released in September 2001, and yet I have never used it - until now.
Posted on 5. November 2023

Reduce integration test runtime while using MySQL

Integration tests are a crucial part of the software development process, ensuring that different components of your application work seamlessly together. The faster the feedback, the faster the release.

So how can we reduce the test runtime to give the engineers faster feedback and improve the CI pipeline when using MySQL or MariaDB?
Posted on 14. October 2023

Find the missing data - interpolation and extrapolation with Python

When you have a set of data, there is a high chance that it is incomplete. Not only does the data, outside the given range not exist, but also values between known ones are missing. But what if your work relies on that missing data?
You can use interpolation and extrapolation to fill the missing gaps in your data set.
Posted on 15. December 2022

How to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It was developed by Facebook and is often used as an alternative to REST APIs - but you can define the specific data you want to retrieve from the API. But how to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP?

Spoiler: You do not need an extension.
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