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Posted on 7. November 2021

Hash the hash - Password hashing migration

The number of data leaks including hashed passwords have increased from year to year and with the rising number of web applications, they will continue this path.
In these dumps, lots of passwords of older accounts were hashed by the insecure SHA1 or even the absolutely unsafe MD5 algorithm.
Data security doesn't get the love it should get. Time to act.
Posted on 15. August 2021

IKEA hacking: Making the air quality sensor VINDRIKTNING smart powered by ESPHome and Home Assistant

IKEA has released an air quality sensor which measures the PM2.5 density in the air and shows the classification by a green, yellow or red LED.
For my surprise, it is a dump sensor with no ZigBee support like some other devices IKEA has released in the past months.
So let's make the sensor smart with the help of ESPHome and Home Assistant and add an additional eCO2 sensor.
Posted on 14. June 2021

MacOS productivity - The tools I can't live without

Almost every time I show somebody something on my MacBook, the question „How did you do that?” or „What tool is that?” comes up. After all those years, I have decided to write a blog post about the tools I use and which have increased my productivity not only as a developer, but also in general on MacOS.
Posted on 16. April 2021

How to integrate an external API into Home Assistant - An example with the Ambee Pollen API

Featured image How to integrate an external API into Home Assistant - An example with the Ambee Pollen API
Home Assistant is an open source home automation hub with a huge ecosystem powered by a worldwide community. With its RESTful integration, you can easily add an external API as a sensor on which you can build an automation or just show the given data on your dashboard. In this tutorial, I will show you how to integrate the pollen data of Ambee which provides powerful APIs for real-time air quality, weather, pollen and fire data.
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