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Posted on 14. November 2020

Why you should and how you could implement the dark mode

The dark mode, also called night mode, is a special color schema which uses light-colored text on dark backgrounds. The opposite of dark mode is the light mode which is or was the de facto default schema. The dark mode not only has effects on the human body but also on the power consumption of newer devices.
Posted on 14. October 2020

Zero downtime on MySQL schema change

Have you ever deployed a feature which interrupted your application because the schema change on the MySQL database has locked the table? Then I have good news for you! There are some tools like the Percona Toolkit which can apply the operation without a downtime.
Posted on 5. November 2015

Combining data sources without control structures

Inspired by a tweet of Dominikus Herzberg, I have created a small JavaScript which combines location data with Google Maps to show the current location of the ISS above the ground in almost real-time without any control structures in the code.
Posted on 21. March 2015

Timelapse of the sun eclipse with the help of python

On the 20th March 2015, there was a partial sun eclipse. I wanted to make a timelapse. I put my camera on a tripod, placed the sun in the lower left corner of the display and started the timelapse mode which made a photo every 5 seconds. After 20 muinutes, I realized that the sun will soon move out of the picture.
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