Shell keyboard shortcuts you will love

Posted on 20. May 2022

The shell, used precisely, is a very powerful tooling for every Software Engineer. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts which make it possible to navigate, modify and by this complete the current job in a much faster way.

Here you can find a list of my favorite shortcuts:

Keys Action
Ctrl + a jump to the beginning of the line
Ctrl + e jump to the end of the line
ESC + f jump to the next word
ESC + b jump to the previous word
Ctrl + xx toggle between beginning of the line and current cursor position

Modify actions

Keys Action
Tab auto complete
Ctrl + l clear screen
Ctrl + w remove word before the cursor
Ctrl + u remove all before the cursor
Ctrl + k remove all after the cursor
Ctrl + y undo last action

Misc actions

Keys Action
Ctrl + r search through command history (press again for the next last command)
Ctrl + c kill current running command
Ctrl + d exit current shell

Let me know if you are using other powerful shortcuts.

Thanks, Simon for the inspiration to that quick and valuable post.

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