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Posted on 26. December 2023

Full-Text Search with MySQL and Doctrine

MySQL has supported Full-Text Search (FTS) functionality for quite some time. The (FTS) capability was already introduced in MySQL version 3.23.23, which was released in September 2001, and yet I have never used it - until now.
Posted on 15. December 2022

How to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It was developed by Facebook and is often used as an alternative to REST APIs - but you can define the specific data you want to retrieve from the API. But how to test GraphQL with Codeception in PHP?

Spoiler: You do not need an extension.
Posted on 10. September 2022

Do you test for sufficient randomness?

Some years ago, I have used an existing random string generator for generating random unique strings. From one day to another, there were a lot of timeouts in the application.
It turned out that the random string generator was not as random as I thought.
Do you run automated tests against a random string generator if it can provide for sufficient randomness?
Posted on 7. November 2021

Hash the hash - Password hashing migration

The number of data leaks including hashed passwords have increased from year to year and with the rising number of web applications, they will continue this path.
In these dumps, lots of passwords of older accounts were hashed by the insecure SHA1 or even the absolutely unsafe MD5 algorithm.
Data security doesn't get the love it should get. Time to act.
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