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Posted on 5. November 2015

Combining data sources without control structures

Inspired by a tweet of Dominikus Herzberg, I have created a small JavaScript which combines location data with Google Maps to show the current location of the ISS above the ground in almost real-time without any control structures in the code.
Posted on 15. September 2014

Overwrite CMD+S / CTRL+S in Javascript

Do you often work with backend forms in your web application scrolling endless down to the submit button? Why not overwrite the submit button with the common use save keyboard hotkeys CMD+S (Mac) and CTRL+S (Win) with Javascript?
Posted on 24. January 2014

Resize iframe by its content – cross-domain

We all had this problem once: Including an iframe into a website and then – there were scroll bars which mess up everything. But have you ever heard of the JavaScript method Window.postMessage? We can use this method to communicate between the iframe and its parent and it is also widely supported.
Posted on 27. September 2013

Think before using 'return false;'

One of the first things jQuery coders learn is how they can stop the browser from calling the default action of an event. 'return false;' will stop the browser calling the default behaviour: opening the clicked link. But using 'return false;' in that way is not good because this can break everything behind.
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