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Posted on 20. November 2022

Local integration of airRohr in Home Assistant

Since air pollution is the single largest environmental health risk in Europe, I have decided to join the Sensor.Community by adding an outdoor particular sensor.
The API for sending the data directly from the sensor works perfect but the community integration for Home Assistant does not, so I have added the sensor locally with the help of the Scrape Integration which absolutely makes more sense.
Posted on 16. January 2022

The eruption of the Hunga Tonga volcano and its blast wave around the globe

On the 14 January in 2022, a large eruption of Hunga Tonga-Hunga Haʻapai volcano began at 04:14 UTC. The eruption was so loud that it could be heard not only in Fiji which is 750 km away, but also at Alaska which is more than 9.300 km away.
At Germany, we didn't hear anything - but the blast wave which has traveled around the whole globe was measurable.
Posted on 13. December 2021

ESPHome on the Magic Home LED WiFi monochromatic controller

The Magic Home LED WiFi Monochromatic (1CH) Controller is a very cheap device for controlling a 1CH LED strip or wire which are often used for Christmas trees. Since it is using an esp8266 chipset, it can easily be flashed with an alternative firmware.
Posted on 15. August 2021

IKEA hacking: Making the air quality sensor VINDRIKTNING smart powered by ESPHome and Home Assistant

IKEA has released an air quality sensor which measures the PM2.5 density in the air and shows the classification by a green, yellow or red LED.
For my surprise, it is a dump sensor with no ZigBee support like some other devices IKEA has released in the past months.
So let's make the sensor smart with the help of ESPHome and Home Assistant and add an additional eCO2 sensor.
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