Share a local web project with ngrok

Did you ever need to share a web project in your local development environment with somebody over the internet? Maybe you did set up port forwarding in your firewall or you did establish ssh tunnels every time.

There is now a very easy way to share your project over the internet: ngrok


Some features

  • Secure On-Demand Tunnels
  • Request Inspection
  • Custom Subdomains
  • TCP Tunneling
  • Password Protection
  • Multiple Simultaneous Tunnels
  • Tunnel your own domains
  • Reserved Subdomains
  • pay-what-you-want service
  • Open source

How to use

Download and run it

./ngrok 80

This will open a tunnel to localhost on port 80. The url the project will be available on will be shown now including some other details:

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.55.45


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