Flexible and easy website monitoring with updown.io

During our trip in South Africa, my sister’s blog viel-unterwegs.de went offline after an update of a WordPress plugin. The bad thing: We noticed this one day later.

I started looking for a cheap and flexible website monitoring SaaS and stumbled over updown.io. Updown.io is a small startup located in Paris, France.

You can enter an url, a text and a time period. After each time period, updown.io sends a http request to the url. When everything went ok (http response code 200), it will check if the entered text appears somewhere on the respone. If this is true, updown.io assumes that everything is ok. If not, you will receive an email and if you want, also a SMS notification. You will also get nice statistics with user satisfaction by average site loading time.

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 15.24.00

For each check, you will have to pay one credit. So lets say you would like to check 4 different urls every 10 minutes, you will need 200.000 credits for 11 months and 17 days which would cost you 5 euros. You can also pay with bitcoins. After sign up, you will receive 100.000 credits for free which is also very nice.


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